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Edie Sedgwick by Jerry Schatzberg, 1966.


A strong independent dog who don’t need no man



what a harmless vine

My heart

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most sexy motherfucker

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Ian Curtis on stage, 1979. Photo by Kevin Cummins.

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Untitled (59.4 x 84.1cm, Charcoal on Paper) by Harris Clook

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April 6 2016 - Norwegian graffiti artist Pøbel did his part in muting Donald Trump racist rhetoric by defacing his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. [video]

Can't wait anymore

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He looked at me the wrong way.

why is he so pretty?

Staying quiet doesn’t mean I’ve nothing to say. It means I don’t think you’re ready to hear my thoughts.
— ~ Unknown (via conflictingheart)
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